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At HomeBanc, our Mission Statement is simple:

We believe in protecting and maximizing shareholder value;

Providing distinguished, honest, personalized service which exceeds customer expectations;

Building a Great Place to Work for our team members;

Encouraging teamwork, professional growth and development.

HomeBancorp Values

HomeBancorp’s values are guiding principles that help make the company distinctive and successful. All team members are encouraged to embrace the values and closely adhere to them as the company strives to become a “Great Place to Work” and a “Great Place to Bank.” 

Our values allow us to attract and retain loyal customers and to achieve HomeBancorp’s corporate purpose of creating shareholder wealth. Here are 10 of HomeBancorp’s most-important values:

1.     Surround yourself with good people and good things will
2.     Recruit and retain talented and top-performing team players
        and ensure they receive the training necessary to help them 

3.     Create a culture of unparalleled service through a “Model of 
        Service” that exceeds 
customer expectations.
4.     Demonstrate uncompromising honesty and integrity.
5.     Create a workplace of high energy, resourcefulness and 
        positive attitudes that also promote fun and pride.
6.     Establish a strong sense of entrepreneurship and motivation 
        through recognition programs and “Pay for Performance” 
        compensation that reward outstanding results.
7.     Embrace accountability and set indicators of success for 
        tracking progress and measuring results.

8.     Seek to perform at a consistently high degree of excellence, 
        and continue to find ways to develop and improve knowledge 
        and skills needed for future success, including the sharing of 
        best practices.

9.     Build strong relationships with customers by:
        -- Recognizing that everyone is responsible for providing customers with WOW service. 
        -- Determining their needs and really listening to them.
        -- Assessing how we can meet their needs and following through with
            superb service and creating value for the customer. 
The simple Golden Rule is “Treat people as you would like to be treated!”

The HomeBanc Sunset Commitment

I am committed to customer service that exceeds expectations.

I will strive to resolve any problems or questions immediately.

If this is not possible, I will get back to you before the sun sets!