ATM/Debit Card Rewards Program

You can receive great savings from convenient neighborhood merchants with HomeBanc’s ATM/Debit Card Rewards Program powered by Ampre.

Earn digital incentives (like coupons) that are directly linked to your ATM/Debit Card and save money at participating national and local retailers simply by using your HomeBanc ATM/Debit Card.

There are no coupons to clip, vouchers, apps or points to accumulate. Best of all, your savings are added to your account after purchase. To redeem an offer, simply spend like you normally would and we’ll automatically add the credit back on your card. You can sign in to your ATM/Debit Card Rewards anytime to view existing offers, request new offers and track your savings.  You can also rate your offers and so we can learn ways to customize future offers to provide you with the best value. With HomeBanc’s ATM/Debit Card Rewards, shopping and saving has never been simpler!

To learn more about the HomeBanc ATM/Debit Card Rewards Program and to enroll, click here.

Your Personal Banker can also provide more details on this Program.